What is Orient EmbryoCare?

At your 20 week scan, it’s normal to be both excited and concerned that everything will be OK. Unfortunately, there are some things you can't control and Orient EmbryoCare can help should something go wrong.

Orient EmbryoCare Future Family Insurance can provide a lump sum cash payment to help your baby receive the best care you can provide, should one or more of the 14 covered conditions occur.

These include the most common - congenital heart disease, plus cancer, cerebral palsy and cot death, as well as Down’s syndrome as an option.

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Choosing your level of cover

Important preparation for your new arrival.

Discovering that your child has a serious medical condition is worrying enough.

Orient EmbryoCare Future Family Insurance can ease the worry by providing the financial benefit that helps your baby get the best care you can provide.

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Protecting against 14 separate conditions

A child with cancer or cerebral palsy will need all your support. Orient EmbryoCare Future Family Insurance covers these and 12 other well-known conditions including epilepsy, cleft lip, stillbirth and congenital blindness and deafness. Down’s syndrome is an optional extra.

The amount you pay varies depending on which type and amount of cover you choose - up to AED 250,000.

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